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Girl with Owl

speaky_bean in mycobacterial

Icon Request Post 2

Well, it looks like we've got 25 watchers, so as promised, I'm opening up a request post. Here's how it works. You can request up to six icons. You can either provide me with images, or give me a concept or category to work with. This post will close on Thursday, March 17th. After that, I'll make icons for whoever has asked.

Requests are CLOSED!


I would like to request an icon or two that is pure anger, if I could. The only relatively irate icon I have is this one:

... and that is way too cute to be irate.
Yes, that is much too cute. I'll see what I can do! Do you have any particular fandoms you want me to base this on, or do you just want general anger?
Pokemon? Batman? Digimon? Really, as long as it's so beautifully pissed off-but-not-cute I'll be ecstatic =D
oh um
hope you're in the mood for Pokémon eheheh 8D;;

anyway uhhh here's some arts
http://i54.tinypic.com/2renkfd.jpg (The Kangaskhan more than Lyra, hurr)

and um
maybe some Kangaskhan in general if you can? poor thing lacks icons and art in general
and um maybe Janine too 8D;; If you can that, is~!

Thank you so much!
I'd love a *squee*-emotion icon. Preferably Death Note-based, if you can find an appropriate icon.

And a Takada and a Sayu icon would be great. And an L one, actually, I am neglecting him.

Screencaps again rather than fanart would be awesome.

Thank you!
Oh, if it's not too much trouble I would like another text based one please, this time with Juudai. Anime and Manga he has some pretty good slacking off poses and what not so could I please have one of those with 'this is how we don't study' or something like that on it. Chapter 44 has a good one and if you need it I could send it to you or even a screenshot from the anime would be awesome.

And of course, I'd never say no to Johan icons. ^^ And if you feel so inclined the Gem Beasts need some love to.

*Must. Go. Finish. Work. Now* ... Chem, I thought you loved me...