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Girl with Owl

speaky_bean in mycobacterial

/i just want to swallow up and promise to protect them/

Hello there! This post contains birds, because birds are nice, and there are a great many beautiful pictures of them. There are also some Naruto icons, and some Yu-Gi-Oh DM and GX icons. Most of the GX icons involve boys in dresses or boys with breasts. All art was found on Pixiv, RiverInEgypt, or DeviantArt, and the artists are credited in the savefile--except the RiverInEgypt ones, which are not credited on the site. Please leave a comment if you check them out!

Credit mycobacterial, and think carefully about whether you wish to believe it, get your game on, or simply fly away.



001 002 003
004 005 006
007 008 009
010 011 012
013 014 015
016 017 018
019 020 021


001 002 003
004 005 006
007 008 009
010 011 012
013 014 015
016 017 018

Yu-Gi-Oh DM

001 002 003
004 005 006
007 008 009
010 011 012
013 014 015
016 017 018
019 020 021
022 023 024
025 026 027

Yu-Gi-Oh GX

001 002 003
004 005 006
007 008 009
010 011 012
013 014 015
016 017 018
019 020 021


Lovely icons! <3 I took some with birdies, thank you! :D
Thank you very much! I'm glad you enjoyed them. ♥ And thanks for watching!


Oh my god! These icons are amazing! I especially like 10-21 of GX. So cuteeeee ♥

And fancy.

But mostly cute.


Re: jdklsfj;aldfskbgjv

Let me just say, I love the phrasing of that. So cute. And fancy. But mostly cute. I am going to be repeating that to myself all day. Thanks for that, and thanks for the comment! ♥
Originally came for the Naruto icons but also fell in love the bird icons.

Don't mind if I do watch the comm, too :)

Thank you for your hard work!
Yes, my strategy works! XD; I figure it's a good idea to post non-anime things along with anime things, that was they all get advertised together. There aren't as many places to just post "birds." Anyway I'm glad you liked them, thank you fro the comment! ♥ And thanks for watching!
Now why do so many of them make such pretty girls? XD Especially Juudai. Juudai, why are you so pretty. And of course Johan is pretty girly enough to begin with. (I still love him though. ^^)

Anyway. Cute. ^_^ Number 6 of the birds is pretty awesome as are 14 and 17 of the GX ones. Actually, they are all pretty good but I like those in particular.
I don't know. Some of them wouldn't make very attractive girls, but there weren't any pictures of them, such as Misawa. And Fubuki would've made the best girl ever, but he wasn't there either, alas. Odd, I always thought Johan to be rather masculine, even with his ruffly pirate shirt.

Glad you liked them, and thanks for commenting!
*Is snickering at the thought of Misawa as a girl.* Ok, true he wouldn't but a surpringly large number of the cast do. I'm sure Fubuki could do anything he put his mind too, no matter how strange.
Huh, yeah thinking about it he does have a rather masculine build doesn't he, especially his shoulders. I guess it's just the voice (which I still love and prefer over the dub). Looking twice he is actually the least prettiest girl there but that may just be the style not suiting him. (Juudai you are still too pretty in that.) And his ruffle shirt is awesome and something I didn't think twice about the first time I watched it.
It's true! Aside from Misawa, I suppose Kenzan, O'Brien, and Amon wouldn't make very pretty girls, being so incredibly muscular and manly looking. Well, Amon's got a pretty face, so maybe. XD; But yeah a lot of the cast is quite...feminine.

While some of these girls look classy or cute, Johan looks kind of like a barmaid in these pictures. The clothing is seriously emphasizing her breasts in a way that something more "ladylike" probably wouldn't do. XD; And Johan's ruffle shirt is awesome, if sort of confusing. (Why does he have a modified version of a uniform of a school he doesn't go to...?) But it's still awesome.
... Ok now I'm trying to picture those three as girls. O'Brien definatly doesn't make a very pretty girl as even his face is too masculine but at a pinch I suppose Kenzan could. If you squinted at least. And I don't know about Amon.

Yes, while the others look classy Johan just, doesn't. His face also looks wrong so it's safe to say that style doesn't suit him at all.
On that note (sort of), if you've watched 5Ds, I have noticed that Johan and Yusei have similar shoes, or similar things around them. It is a small irrlevent point but it amuses me none the less. ^^

I suppose the main thing to consider is that while they make rather pretty girls, none of them would act overly girly. I don't even think Juudai would know how as he is just too clueless. (And even post season three if genderswapped he wouldn't be overly femimine.) He'd be a tomboy for sure.
XD; Yeah, it doesn't quite work somehow. Girls can be quite muscular, but they're the truly excessive type of muscular that almost never occurs in females without the aid of steroids. Somehow I can see O'Brien as a girl more easily than Kenzan, I guess because of their personalities. Kenzan is just so BOY, and O'Brien is more "warrior" then "particular gender". I'm not sure about Amon, but his face does seem slightly more feminine?

I have not watched 5Ds yet, no. I do intend to start on it at some point. Still working on DM, and I do like to cut the Yu-Gi-Oh with other things, so I'm watching Genshiken at the same time and just finished CLANNAD. I WILL GET TO 5Ds ONE DAY! I approve very much of noticing small but irrelevant things, however. Details make things much more interesting!

Yeah. Some of them I can see as more girly than others. Like I said about Kenzan, he's ALL BOY, but I can see Manjoume as a tsundere girl, and I can see Shou as a girl, personalitywise. Judai is too boyish, for sure. I've actually never read any GX genderswap fic, which is odd because I found so much of it in my old fandom without even really looking for it. XD;
Echo was a good example of female muscle and Tanyia just squeezes in before the steroid category fits (ok well plays jump rope with the line that separates the two but she pulls it off) but yes, usually girls and excess muscle aren’t attractive. I think Kenzan would be a pretty girl at a glance but once he does, well anything, you're right, he is too boy to work believably. And I’m not sold on O’Brien, though I do see your warrior point he still just doesn’t have the face for a girl.

Fair enough, it took me a while but do get around to it, even if it is eventually. I'm only 16 eps in myself (but I'm restricted by downloading limits) but so far it is pretty good. I take it CLANNADis good then? What kind of anime is it? And details are awesome; it's the little things that can make a show. Like the GX manga, it's a lot of little side panels and looks that make it so very awesome! And speaking of the manga you might like manga!Johan more than his anime counterpart, he's a spazz but you just can't help but love his enthusiasm. ^^ (Bias, what bias are you speaking of? ^^)

I agree with you there on all points. And flipping it around Asuka wouldn't make a bad boy while Rei has proven she can fool people if she wants as even while acting like a little girl with a crush she still was believable as a boy. (Personality wise. Looks wise she wouldn't be too bad genderswapped either and could pull that off too.)
And most fics have Johan and Juudai so badly out of character it isn't worth looking into. But it is interesting to think about.

And for some reason I haven't mentioned it yet but Edo makes a very pretty girl! I mean wow I didn't recognise him at first he's so pretty. He could easily pull it off if he wanted too. Bu then again he is rather devious and cunning when it suits him so it wouldn't be a strech. I love the ep i the Dark World when he and Ryo are questioning the Dark Army Soldiers about Haou. He was a good little servent.
Taking several birds! Especially in love with #3! Great job and thank you so much. Will credit when used. :)
The bird pictures were so much fun to look for. There's so much wonderful art with birds in it. Anyway, I'm glad you enjoyed the icons. ♥
The birds are amazing! Will give credit when I use them.
Thanks, I'm glad you liked them! ♥
May I ask for the orginal for 007 ? ^^
also all of these icons are so adorable hnnng
May I assume you're talking about the GX one? If so, it's here: http://riverinegypt.com/pics/index.php/gx-fanart/4483178
Naruto #11 was so flipping adorable!
Isn't that kid so cute? I want to do that to my own kids once I've got them. XD; Well, not Naruto specifically, but cosplay of some sort.
taking the #001 so nice ~
thank you ^^
Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it.
Snatched a few. Will credit. These are beautiful btw. ♥
These are amazing! I have a particular love for the YGO: DM ones~